Dolos Takedown System Protective Safety Cap

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Our new Dolos takedown system protective safety cap helps protect your investment by keeping your gas tube and barrel extension covered and locked in place while stowed away and disassembled. Your gas tube is completely covered to prevent bending which may render your weapon inoperable. This cap is 3d printed and has lugs to twist and  lock into your collar and prevent barrel wobble until you are ready to deploy your weapon. Currently available in black, red and glow in the dark.


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J. Riveira Apr 17th 2021

Gas Tube Protector

Excellent Excellent Excellent product to keep my gas tube protected. Please put more in stock. 10 stars.

AD Feb 10th 2021

Dolos Takedown Safety Cap

This product is exactly as advertised. I recently bent a gas tube on a rifle-length assembly while it was being stored that never would have happened with the cap. Got the cap and replacement gas to on the same day. Installed and locked perfectly.

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